Diocesan Presentations & Leadership Training

The introduction of the Third Edition of the Roman Missal has presented Catholics with a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is in teaching and learning the changes in the new translation of the Mass. However, this also means we have an opportunity to help Catholics rediscover the riches of the Mass and foster a deeper awareness and appreciation of the mysteries of the Liturgy.

To help you take advantage of this unique moment in time, Ascension Press is offering diocesan presentations on the Mass, as well as adult faith formation leadership trainings.

Presentations on the New Mass Translation

Bring in one of our excellent speakers to explain the purpose, meaning, and specific changes that have been introduced in the third edition of the Roman Missal, or to give an inspiring overview of the biblical roots of the Mass.

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Adult Faith Formation Leadership Training in A Biblical Walk Through the Mass

Our training for our new adult formation program, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, is an ideal way to take advantage of the unique opportunity the changes offer for catechesis. This five-part parish program uncovers the Scriptural roots of the Mass and helps people gain an appreciation for the wording of the Liturgy and, in particular, some of the changes that have taken place.

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Marketing Assistance for Your Event

Ascension Press has free, “ready-made” promotional materials to help you advertise your event(s), including a flyer, poster, bulletin announcements, and a cover letter for pastors. The materials can be downloaded from GuidetotheMass.com for free, or we can customize them for you at a cost of $200. You would then have them printed locally, or we can print them for you for a fee.

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When to Schedule a Presentation or Training

As Catholics continue to become acquainted with the changes to the Liturgy, it provides an ideal time to offer catechesis on the Mass in the context of the new translation. The Mass is a timeless treasure of the Church, and now is the time to help Catholics rediscover its riches and meaning. In addition, if you desire to have parishes to participate in the five-part adult faith formation program described previously, it is important to schedule a training in the near future.

How to Schedule a Presentation or Training

To schedule a presentation or training, please email Anne Marie at or call her at (610) 696-7795, ext. 210. We can usually schedule a speaker or trainer within one month, although we strongly encourage you to allow at least three months for sufficient planning and promotion.