Understanding the New Translation of the Mass
and Discovering the Riches of the Mass

These presentations are designed to be informative and inspirational. Participants will learn the “whys” and “whats” behind the new Mass translation, and they will discover the profound significance of the Mass itself. The presentations are sixty minutes in length, followed by a thirty-minute question-and-answer session.  Their length and focus can be tailored to accommodate the needs of your diocese or audience.

Dynamic Catholic speakers are available to present the following topics:

Topic 1: “The New Translation: A Gift and an Opportunity”

This talk presents the actual changes to the text of the Mass, the theological and pastoral importance of these changes, the history of the Mass, and some ways the Church can use this unique moment for a new catechesis in the Sacred Liturgy.  A Guide to the New Translation of the Mass, an inexpensive booklet that answers common questions on the new translation and includes a pew reference card, can be provided to all participants.

Topic 2 : “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass”

This is a short version of our adult faith formation series of the same name.  Here, the presenter unpacks the Scriptural roots of many of the prayers and practices we experience in the Mass. This talk offers an inspiring call to the laity to a new-found appreciation of this great treasure.


Five speakers are available, including Dr. Edward Sri, author of A Biblical Walk Through the Mass.

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Costs for a Single Presentation Include the Following:

Speaker Stipend:

$1,500 ($2,000 for Dr. Edward Sri) plus travel and lodging.

Participant Cost:

$1 per participant. Each participant will receive A Guide to the New Translation of the Mass booklet (a $1.95 value).