Four Ways to Learn More About the Changes in the Mass

The New Edition of the Roman Missal was implemented on November 27, 2011. This has presented Catholics with a unique opportunity to rediscover the timeless beauty of the Liturgy. Below are four ways for you to effectively learn about the changes in the Mass, and acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation for it.

1: Give out our low-cost Booklet after weekend Masses

A Guide to the New Translation of the Mass is just what your parishioners need to understand why the Mass has changed, and what those changes are. Included is an invaluable tear-out reference card that details the old vs. the new prayers and responses for the laity.

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2: Run an Information Session

Invite your parishioners to walk through the changes of the Liturgy together using our low-cost booklet and our free Information Session Guide. and DVD. The Information Session DVD is included on the third disc of A Biblical Walk Through the Mass DVD series. It is also available for free by calling 1-800-376-0520. You just pay a modest shipping charge.


3: Place our low-cost Booklets in the pews for easy reference

Our low-cost Guide to the New Translation of the Mass is perfect for use during the Liturgy.  Click here to learn more about our booklet.

4: Run an Adult Faith Formation Program

The Biblical Walk through the Mass study is a perfect way to catechize adults on the true meaning of the Mass in the context of the new translation. This is an ideal study to offer during Lent.

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